2019 PokerStars and Monte-Carlo?Casino EPT_9

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  Fionn Macnamara raised to 22,000 on the button, Jorden Verbraeken three-bet to 80,000 in the small blind, Macnamara four-bet shoved 470,000 and Verbraeken called it off to create a near 1M pot.

  Fionn Macnamara:

  Jorden Verbraeken:

  The pair were off to the races and the rundown would either be the end of Macnamara or severely hurt the Belgian. The flop kept Macnamara in the lead and the turn left Verbraeken with six outs.

  The landed on the river, one of Verbraeken's outs, and Macnamara's tournament life ended on the spot just like that. Shortly before the clash, Day 1b chip leader Sylvain Mazza's final chips were gone as well and both players headed to the payout desk.