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The more the number of traffic sources, the better it is for a blogger! When one source dries up, others are there to supply visitors! Among the many sources of traffic- organic, referral traffic from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon etc, Reddit is a reliable source. Used the right way, Reddit can supply so much traffic to your blog that its servers could end up being bust! Happened to me once! Here, I’m about to share some fundamental guidelines and tips that will help you drive good amount of visitors to your blog from Reddit.

Okay, let me tell some basic facts about Reddit. I’m sure that many of you know how the site works, but still, for the sake of laymen, I will run through the basic details. Reddit is a content aggregator site, which works on a bulletin board system (like mentioned in Wikipedia). Registered users can submit links that they find interesting, on Reddit. Registered users also have the freedom to ‘upvote’ and ‘downvote’ links being shared on the site.


Based on the upvotes that a link gathers, it may get featured in categories such as ‘hot’, ‘rising’, ‘popular’ etc. The link may also find its way to the homepage of the site or the respective sub-reddit! If you manage to pull of this feat, then you can expect your blog to get tons of referral traffic from Reddit!

Now, it is time to run through some basic tips to get this traffic game right. Blindly sharing your blog’s links on Reddit won’t guarantee results! It is important to follow certain rules and regulations. I’ve mentioned some of those tips below-


Tips and guidelines to get the most traffic out of Reddit-


#1 Timing of sharing the link

Reddit is a site that has fans and users from around the world. But all this while, from my experience, I can say that there are certain time periods when Reddit sees a rise in the number of users. Then again, this phenomenon varies from sub-reddit to sub-reddit!

For example, let us consider my case. I use the sub-reddit r/Imgoingtohellforthis to drive traffic to a meme related blog of mine. I’ve noted that when I access that sub-reddit at 1:00 AM-3:00 AM time period (Indian Standard Time), I happen to see the most number of folks online in that sub-reddit! So, sharing link at such a time helps me get maximum exposure.

But this ‘peak traffic time’ may differ in case of another sub-reddit. In short, timing matters! It is up to you to find that ‘perfect time’ in case of the sub-reddit that you are interested in. Oh hey, next point is all about selecting the right sub-reddit!


#2 Choose the right sub reddit

Do you know why many folks fail to get the most out of Reddit? It is because they pay no attention to sub- reddits!

Sub-reddits are there for a reason! They have been created so that users can find perfectly relevant links that they have been looking for, and are associated with a topic/niche.

There are sub-reddits for topics like NEWS, funny images, funny quotes, science, India, memes etc. Before sharing any link, make sure that you also know the most apt sub-reddit to share that link on!

Share a link on the wrong sub-reddit and the post will only get removed by moderators later! Having good knowledge of various sub-reddits will definitely help.


#3 Give attention to self promotion ratio and Rediquette

Reddit thrives because of the super active community of users and moderators. Both of them are good at spotting ‘real stuff’ and ‘crap’. They’ve laid out a whole list of guidelines named the ‘Rediquette’. It is all about etiquette that one has to follow on Reddit! Each sub-reddit has a separate set of etiquette and guidelines. Before sharing links on any of them, make sure that you give a good look to these set of rules and follow them!

Most sub-reddits have a self promotion ratio. For example, in some cases, it is 1:10. That means for each link of your own blog (self promotion) you submit, you must also share 10 links from other sources, which are related to that sub-reddit.

In short, don’t just run around, sharing your own links only! Be a true member. Share links from other sources also. It is like- give respect and get respect kinda thing!


#4 Connections and friends can be of help

Each second, there are so many links being poured on to Reddit! This means that your link, if not upvoted by other members, will get buried under new links, which are being added at an alarming rate!

This is when friends come handy! Adding up people on Reddit can be of help. It is good to form a mutually beneficial group, where members will upvote each others’ stuff! Also, joining reddit upvote groups on Facebook can also help out in this aspect.


#5 A charming title can work wonders

As I said before, tons of links get added up each second! To stand apart and grab eyeballs of users, your link must have some upvotes and it also should have a catchy title!

A title should be able to create curiosity/spark interest in the readers’ mind! Only then will they care to click on the link that you shared.


#6 Images do well on Reddit (this is when imgur comes handy)

Images that are shared on Reddit tends to do very well, when it comes to getting upvotes and hits. Especially images shared via imgur do particularly well. Of course this is due to the fact that imgur, the image sharing platform, was especially created keeping Reddit in mind!

I’ve written an excellent article about making the best use of imgur to get traffic. Sharing the same image on Reddit will enhance the exposure and traffic!


#7 A really handy tip that you should make use of-

Reddit is notorious for its vigilant moderator community. At the slightest doubt of you exploiting Reddit for your own benefit, they could ‘ghost ban’ your account!

Ghost banning will ensure that the links you share won’t be displayed on the site. While at your end, things will just work perfectly, as if your account hasn’t been blocked and banned at all!

So, in case you involve in self promotion on Reddit, make it a point to check whether your account has been ghost banned or not, periodically. This task can be done by logging in on Reddit, visiting your profile, copying its URL (of the profile) and pasting it on another browser. If the page shows up with an error (not found) message, it means that your account has been ghost banned! Otherwise, if things are all right, your profile and the links that you shared will appear.


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  1. July 22, 2014 at 9:20 am #

    Good one share more about other sites
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  2. July 22, 2014 at 8:24 pm #

    Glad to see posts here buddy. Nice to know that you are updating regularly (not like me) :)

    I was away from blogging for a few months, and sure will be back soon. I have not even used reddit properly, till now. Hope some day this will help me.
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    • Arun Kallarackal
      July 28, 2014 at 10:40 am #

      Shahzad, me too not updating my blog frequently. Blame it on time constraints. I take help of my friends to publish posts at times! :)

      Hey, you should try out Reddit. Reddit and Imgur is a good combo for us bloggers.

  3. July 29, 2014 at 12:12 pm #

    Before I never focused on social bookmarking sites to generate traffic for my blog. Today I have gone through this article and cam to know that social bookmarking sites like Reddit also helpful to generate traffic a blog. Thanks for sharing these information.
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