5 types of education niche blogs to make money from


Is selecting a particular niche very important before you start blogging? If you ask me, I’m not a niche blog fanatic. Yes, I do own some of them. But then I also maintain multi niche blogs! Okay, in this article, I will briefly address the ‘education’ niche blogging scenario in India. This is going to be a short article. Here, you will get to know about some very basic types of education related blogs that you may start. Of course, before starting one, make sure that you have basic knowledge about that field!


Types of education niche related blogs that you can start

Please note that I have covered only major categories and not created an extensive list. When it comes to education niche, one has the freedom to even operate micro niche blogs! Yes, blogs specializing on a particular topic within the education field! I’m not delving much into the micro niche stuff within educational field. Mentioned here are types of good educational blogs that will surely help you make some money-


#1 College/University reviews blogs-

Awareness has increased among students and parents, thanks to the internet. Now, more and more folks are interested in researching about a College/University, before taking admission there. Of course, the first place they resort to, to get a hand on reviews is the internet!

You may create a blog on WordPress platform, buy a domain that has the term ‘review’ in it and start your work. The easiest way to get started is to create state-wise list of colleges. Better yet, first concentrate on your own state.

Like- I’m from Gujarat. So the first thing that I will be doing is to create a database of all Engineering (the course that my blog is centered on) Colleges in Gujarat State. The next step is to make use of social media to interview serious students from these Colleges. Based on their honest feedback, you may rate and review a College!


#2 Educational Product marketing blog-

The advantage of having a blog is that it can be used to connect with your audience seamlessly! So, just imagine the power that it will give to your marketing endeavors!

If it is educational products that you are targeting to sell, like- CDs, E-Books, Regular books, used books, study material, Exam oriented notes etc, then having a blog can help you much! Content marketing, making use of the blog, will help you acquire huge audience, to whom you can market your products!


#3 ‘Content+ Ads model’ educational blogs

This is the much used model among education bloggers. This model is all about publishing relevant content, useful content, ranking them high on SERPs and generating revenue via Ad programs like Google AdSense.

For this model to work well, you must have extensive knowledge about the topic that you are going to write about. Also, SEO skills will come handy too!

One can also rely on affiliate marketing in this model, rather than just depending on Ads only. One may market products such as books, stationery items etc.


#4 ‘Only results type’ educational blogs

Such blogs are all about displaying and notifying students about various examinations (and their results) held across India. These days, results are declared online. Also, to get an idea about the probable dates of result announcement, students resort to internet.

Revenue can be generated by placing ads as well as affiliate links. However, this field has been heavily corrupted these days. Too much spamming is present among the existing players. But the search volume associated with results query is very high, on the D Day, the day the results are announced. If one manages to rank high for a certain result based query, then one can expect the arrival of huge traffic!


#5 ‘Government competitive exams (for recruitment and further studies)’ related blogs

Such blogs exclusively cover news, notifications and updates regarding the Government competitive exams field. As you all know, Government jobs are preferred by many. Students search the internet for details regarding competitive exams and recruitment notifications. So, the search volume is good, when it comes to this niche of educational blogs. Revenue can be generated by making use of ad networks and affiliate marketing.


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