Buying backlinks gigs on Fiverr: Tips and guidelines


When it comes to SERP (Search Engine Results Page) standings of a blog, backlinks can make a huge difference in its fortunes. Agreed that there are many factors (said to be more than 200) playing a part, when it comes to SERP standings. This even includes much overlooked factor such as page speed. But among all those factors, backlinks hold much power. The backlink profile of a blog can work wonders! A good number of dofollow backlinks from high PageRank and decent DA (Domain Authority) blogs/sites can enhance SERP standings of your blog like never before. Here, we will see if buying backlinks from Fiverr is the best idea or not.

Fiverr is not the old 5$ market place anymore! There are hundreds of individuals, who make a living out of this online marketplace. For bloggers, it is a place where they can find exceptional quality services at dirt cheap price. At the same time, one shouldn’t forget that one gets what one pays for. Similarly, many gigs, low cost ones, on Fiverr are just crap, when it comes to quality and effectiveness. It all depends on the quality of the seller!

Given the importance of backlinks, many webmasters and bloggers, at one time or other, think about buying backlinks, rather than creating them. Earlier, this used to be perfectly okay, since Google used to be much more careless about backlink profiles of sites.

Soon, Google came to know that webmasters and bloggers have been exploiting the ‘backlink factor’. Paid backlinks were flourishing back then and poor quality blogs were ranking high due to their good, paid backlink profile!

Google decided to bring this to an end and introduced a series of animal updates- the likes of Panda, Penguin etc. The core motive of these updates had been to repair the weak point of Google search engine- the ‘backlink factor’. Google started sniffing out unnatural and paid links and started meting out punishment to sites breaking the rule! So, these days, one just can’t be sure about what paid backlinks can do to SERP standings of a blog. If the link profile is good and created manually, then it is good. Otherwise, if caught by Google, it can get your blog removed from the SERP itself!

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Are you planning to buy backlinks from sellers on Fiverr? Read the below points, tips and guidelines. They’ll be of much help to you-


Buying backlinks from Fiverr: Tips and guidelines for bloggers-


#1 It is okay to buy backlinks from Fiverr in case of event based blogs

Event based blogs are like ‘use and throw’ commodities. Bloggers choose an event, create a blog based on it, work on On and Off Page SEO aspects, drive traffic on the D Day and abandon that blog post that event! This is how things works, when it comes to event based blogs.

Since these blogs are not going to get your attention for more than month, it is okay to buy backlinks for them from Fiverr. This will help rank the blog high in SERPs within a very short time. Moreover, in case Google smells foul play and penalizes it, the event would have been over by then! But don’t just buy cheap poor quality links for your event based blog. Do give attention to the following details also-


#2 Check how the link is being built

Promises like 5000 backlinks in 1 week means just one thing- some software is being used to build the backlinks! Avoid such backlinks. They almost always make use of spam techniques to create links. 10 decent, manually created backlinks are much better than thousands of such software created links.

Buy only those backlink gigs on Fiverr, which are based around manual link building. Manual link builders promise less number of backlinks, unlike those automated ones. Manual builders will provide between 10-50 backlinks or so. That’s their real limit. If some manual builder promises more links in less time, then it is possible that he/she is lying and that they are actually using some software to get the task done.


#3 Make use of the Guinea Pig technique

This is my favorite method. You know, I have half a dozen blogs that exists only for experimental purposes. Be it for experimenting on link building techniques, niche-jumping, link audit, content audit or any other such activity, I first test it on these ‘Guinea Pig’ blogs. If things turn out to be good, I apply the same process on the much more ‘serious’, ‘useful’ and ‘money earning’ blogs of mine!

The same thing comes to play here. Whenever I want to try out a new seller (backlinks related one) on Fiverr, I ask them to create links for one such experimental blog. This is a good way to know that whether the seller delivers as per his/her reputation or not! If things go smoothly, I fearlessly buy gigs from him/her again!


#4 You get what you pay for

The old saying is very much applicable in this scenario also. Is someone selling 100 high PR, manual backlinks for just 5$? Sounds too good to be true! For 5$, if I get a couple of decent PR links, that would be much more believable!

The point I want to prove is that for cheap price, you get only cheap service. For good service, one must be willing to shell out good bucks. Or if you are not willing to spend big bucks, you will have to be content with less number of links!


#5 Approach sellers who are transparent

Okay, what happens once the backlinks have been built? Does the seller make it a point to give you a detailed report? Do make sure that the seller provides you a detailed report of the backlinks that he/she has created.

Good gig sellers even provide other details such as the login name that they used to create backlinks on sites and web entities. But then, they charge extra for these little added features. Like I said before- you get what you pay for!


#6 DoFollow-NoFollow balance

Make sure that the seller, while creating backlinks, maintains a healthy balance between the amounts dofollow and nofollow backlinks. In a bid to impress clients and get instant results, many sellers tend to create dofollow backlinks more! While this shows good results, they don’t last for long! Google easily gets suspicious when it sees all links to be just dofollow.


#7 Don’t get carried away by the rating and positive review of a seller

The mistake that many bloggers commit is that they see good ratings and positive review on a seller’s profile and blindly buy backlink building gigs from him/her for their ‘serious’ ‘flagship’ blogs! Let me tell you one thing, don’t blindly trust the ratings and positive review you see on their Fiverr profile!

Many sellers give clients a discount or added bonuses, when the buyers write a positive review/rating! Not all sellers are tricky fellows. But many of them are. And it is not good to blindly trust the ratings and good reviews on their profiles.

The trick is to test them, by making use of the guinea pig trick!


#8 Keep a ‘Plan B’ ready

Despite our best attempts to keep things safe, situation can get bad. You see, Google is on a crusade to fight paid links. They keep trying new algorithm to sniff out such backlinks. So, even if the links you are buying are manually created, well balanced, Panda and Penguin proof, they still may be sniffed out by a future update of Google!

In that case, it is good to keep a ‘recovery’ plan ready, a plan B. A plan such as- link auditing and repairing plan!


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