Solve Error 508 “Resource limit reached” problem

  Previously, I wrote a blog post about CloudFlare CDN and the Error 522 associated with it. I explained the causes and solutions to that problem. Many folks have been benefited by that post and many...
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WordPress comments

Blog commenting: Guidelines and tips to get more referral traffic

  Commenting on other blogs is an important part of blogging. The advantages of blog commenting are many. Some of the main advantages are- increased exposure for your blog, it acts as a source of...
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Know why your WordPress blog is prone to brute-force attacks despite changing ‘admin’ username

  Security is one such aspect related to blogging, which we just can’t afford to ignore! Threats looming around are many! One small instance of negligence from our side and the blog may end up getting...
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image optimization

Image SEO tips for blogs and websites

  Images are an integral part of a blog post. A blog post looks much complete and attractive when an image is present in it. Optimizing an image keeping Search Engines in mind is what many bloggers...
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add addon domain

Addon Domain: How to create it and get free hosting

  This topic, that of Addon Domain, is related to hosting aspect of blogging. Here, in this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add an Addon Domain to your existing hosting plan. Using this feature that...
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Google images

Find copyright free images to use on blog using Google

  Images are an integral part of a blog post. An attractive, relevant, well placed image adds to the glory of a blog post. There are many sources, which provide good quality stock photos (reusable),...
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